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Play therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes play as a means of communicating and resolving emotional and behavioural difficulties.

For children, play is one of the primary methods of learning, development and communicating feelings, thoughts and concerns.  It is, therefore, a natural medium for children to communicate, work through issues and explore alternative ways of coping and resolving their problems while developing an understanding of the impact of their behavior.

Play Therapy

  • Verbal therapy is limited with children; play therapy allows children to express and work through issues using their natural “language”.
  • Play provides a safe and familiar environment for children in counselling.
  • Play provides the counsellor with an uncensored look into the child’s inner world and experience.
  • Children often move between art and play therapy naturally in a Child Therapy session.  Children will often ‘play-out’ their issues similar to the way adults talk-out their feelings. ​
Text: 226.916.5309
Call: 888.699.7817