Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses art as a means of expressing and working through emotional difficulties and behavioural problems.

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Children do not possess the same ability to verbalize difficult feelings and experiences that adults do. Because of their difficulty with verbal expression and abstract thinking, talk therapy is often very limited with children.  Art therapy gives children the opportunity to express and resolve their issues and behavioural difficulties.  It can also provide a bridge to developing the ability to become more verbal. 

Art therapy can be helpful for a range of issues including:

•    Improving how to cope with Anxiety
•    Assisting children in regulating their feelings and
       behaviour including Anger issues
•    Improved ability to Verbalize thoughts and feelings
•    Providing a safe expression of Grief and Loss
•    Assisting children who may have experienced Trauma
       improved their resolution and experience empowerment

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Art Therapy

Adults also benefit from an art-based therapy. No artistic ability or experience is necessary.  Art provides a safe medium and allows for new insights to emerge in order to process life experiences.

 You may consider Art Therapy if you:
•    Find it difficult to put your experience into words
•    Feel stuck in your head and have difficulty processing your emotions
•    Want to improve your ability to cope with Anxiety
•    Struggle with Depression
•    Are working to overcome an Eating Disorder

Artistic ability is not important in art therapy as simple materials are used with a focus on emotional expression not the skill of the client.